Commercial Accessible Picnic Tables Built To Last A Lifetime In ALL Climates!

The Premier Advantage: Commercial Accessible Picnic Tables built with Durability and Stability that look good and are manufactured to last a lifetime in ALL climates.

The Champion Series of commercial accessible picnic tables meet all ADA requirements. The 4’ x 5’ picnic table has necessary room for a wheelchair on one side, with standard seating on the other three sides. The 8’ x 30” tables have seats on each side that are 6’ long. The seats are centered for balance in addition to providing wheelchair space on each end of the table. These durable picnic tables have a classic design. Furthermore, they are available in twelve mix and match colors of poly-vinyl coating. Choose the expanded metal surface style (diamond shaped openings) or the perforated steel style (punched openings).

We offer a wide variety of mounting options to meet whatever need you may have. Mounting options include:

  • Double Pedestal Direct Bury and Surface Mount (8’)
  • Multi Pedestal Direct Bury and Surface Mount (8’)
  • Single Pedestal Direct Bury (4’ x 5’)
  • And of course, both sizes are available as Free Standing!

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Champion Accessible Picnic Tables Qualities

Accent the beauty of a custom look with our selection of heavy-duty, commercial-grade umbrellas available in a variety of colors and styles. Our fabric is woven from solution-dyed acrylic fiber, offering a soft, comfortable, and breathable surface with canvas-like texture.  This naturally stain-resistant Sunbrella fabric boasts UV protection from environmental elements. Because of the center support with the 4’ x 5′ single pedestal picnic table, there is no umbrella hole.

Like all our other products, these tables exceed performance requirements with their 100% poly-vinyl coated frame. This coating promises durability and is a striking addition to any location. Strong winds, high humidity, sand, heavy rain, and salty air are no match for the products you select from us.  A 1/8+ inch layer of poly-vinyl is bonded directly to the metal which also includes the legs and support braces, so rust and corrosion will NEVER be a problem since our products have no exposed metal.  This process continues to be a time-tested winner.

Furthermore, the outdoor commercial accessible picnic tables provide a sturdy base to ensure stability and each design is very easy to clean!

With our Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty, Champion Series accessible picnic tables offer a durable and attractive addition to any location which will look great for many years to come!

As a result of our high customer satisfaction, we have many, many returning customers.  Just check out our Customer Testimonials page.

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Color Samples


*Color Disclaimer: Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor, therefore color samples are available upon request.

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Surface Options

Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal Surface

Perforated Steel Sample

Perforated Steel Surface

Several Mounting Options Are Available

Accessible picnic table are available in many mounting options. To bolt the free standing 8′ rectangle picnic table to a concrete surface, you will need the large size Surface Mount Kit. For the 4′ x 5′ free standing table, use the small size Surface Mount Kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the products come assembled?

To keep shipping costs low, most products are not assembled. Two exceptions include the one-piece 32 gallon round receptacle and the loop style bike racks. If you would like to have your products assembled here, we would be happy to do that. There is an extra charge for this. Please contact us if you need assembly prior to shipping.

Will the driver take my products off the truck?

If you need a lift-gate truck delivery (driver assisted unloading), please contact us when placing the order. This will be an additional shipping charge. Unless lift gate delivery is requested, it is the customer’s responsibility to get the product off of the truck. 

What are the differences in mounting options?

Free Standing is portable, Surface Mount is bolted to the ground, and Direct Bury is in the ground.

Do you include the hardware needed to mount the product to concrete?

The mounting hardware needs to be specific to the surface thickness and specifications, therefore only the product assembly hardware is included.

How deep and wide should the holes in the ground be for Direct Bury mounting?

General recommendations are given on the accompanied assembly sheet. Please consult a local contractor for specific advice pertaining to the location.

How many sets of surface mount kits are needed?  –

One set per product is recommended. For picnic tables, place one clamp on each opposite corner. For benches, one clamp on each leg.

How big is the umbrella hole in a table?

1.75 inches diameter

Can children’s picnic tables support an umbrella?


Do you sell something to cover any damage done to the product?

Yes, if needed, please contact us.

What is the memorial plate made out of?

.020 aluminum substrate with brass coating to give the appearance of brass without the problems of tarnishing and discoloration.

Loss or Damage in Transit: Premier Polysteel is released of all responsibility for loss or damage in transit by the bill of lading, which is our receipt from the carrier that the shipment was complete and in good condition. This bill of lading is forwarded to you at the time of shipment and should be checked carefully with the shipment when received by the consignee. Any shortage or damage must be noted and signed for by the delivering carrier.

Do you have representatives we can talk to?

Yes! Our customer service is second to none! On weekdays customers can reach us from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (641) 324-2750

All Poly-Vinyl Coated Products have a 20 Year Warranty!

Every picnic table is coated with a thick layer of poly-vinyl for protection against all environmental elements. It’s a tremendous value with the added benefit of our Best-In-Industry 20 year limited warranty!
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