Commercial Kids Picnic Tables Built To Last A Lifetime In ALL Climates!
The Premier Advantage: Commercial Kid’s Picnic Tables built with Durability and Stability that look good and are manufactured to last a lifetime in ALL climates.
The Champion Series of Kid’s Picnic Tables are purposely designed to be fun, durable, and safe.
• Accidently tipping the table is next to impossible due to the sturdy frame design.
• The poly-vinyl coated pipe has no openings that would allow access to bees and other insects.
• A tough poly-vinyl coating meets worldwide safety standards.
• Quality was not spared on Premier Polysteel Kids!
Premier Polysteel’s completely poly-vinyl coated steel picnic tables are specially designed to withstand even the toughest of conditions. The tough coating provides a UV stable and mold resistant surface. Every part of the picnic table is covered so it will never rust. Twelve standard colors are offered. So mix and match your favorite colors for a fun look! Scroll through the color options to find just the color combination you love. The seats and tops are available in either coated expanded metal (diamond pattern) or perforated (punched) steel.
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