Heavy Duty Tree Protection Built to Last a Lifetime in ALL Climates

The Premier Advantage: Commercial Tree Protection Grates and Guards built with Heavy-Duty Durability. They look great and are manufactured to last a lifetime in ALL climates.

Create a beautiful landscape design with commercial tree protection using our durable grates and guards. Unique in quality and strength, these tree protection products are a perfect complement to any landscape design. Tree grates and guards are made of durable steel and are 100% coated with plastisol (poly-vinyl) in one of twelve standard color offerings.

The two-piece, easy-assembly design of our Premier Polysteel tree grates protects and prevents soil from compressing around the base of your tree, while letting in necessary moisture. Grates are shown here are 44 inches x 44 inches. These are built to the your size requirements.

The attractive Premier Polysteel tree guard protects the youngest of trees from environmental dangers common to urban walkways, and provides a uniform look to any landscape design. We offer twelve standard colors. Custom colors are available for large orders. The tree guard pictured is 36 inches high with an 18 inch diameter. We will manufacture to your size specifications.

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Commercial Tree Grates and Guards

Like all our other products, the tree protection grates and guards exceed performance requirements with their 100% poly-vinyl coated frame. Strong winds, high humidity, sand, heavy rain and salty air are no match for the products you select from us. A 1/8+ inch layer of poly-vinyl is bonded directly to the metal. Rust and corrosion will NEVER be a problem because our products have no exposed metal.  This process continues to be a time-tested winner.

With our Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty, our tree protection grates and guards are a durable and attractive addition to any location which will look great for many years to come! Furthermore, these products are maintenance free and they are very easy to clean! Please contact us with any questions you may have or to place an order.

As a result of our high customer satisfaction, we have many, many returning customers. Just check out our Customer Testimonials page.


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*Color Disclaimer: Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor, therefore color samples are available upon request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the products come assembled?

To keep shipping costs low, most products are not assembled. Two exceptions include the one-piece 32 gallon round receptacle and the loop style bike racks. If you would like to have your products assembled here, we would be happy to do that. There is an extra charge for this. Please contact us if you need assembly prior to shipping.

Will the driver take my products off the truck?

If you need a lift-gate truck delivery (driver assisted unloading), please contact us when placing the order. This will be an additional shipping charge. Unless lift gate delivery is requested, it is the customer’s responsibility to get the product off of the truck. 

Do you sell something to cover any damage done to the product?

Yes, if needed, please contact us.

Loss or Damage in Transit: Premier Polysteel is released of all responsibility for loss or damage in transit by the bill of lading, which is our receipt from the carrier that the shipment was complete and in good condition. This bill of lading is forwarded to you at the time of shipment and should be checked carefully with the shipment when received by the consignee. Any shortage or damage must be noted and signed for by the delivering carrier.

Do you have representatives we can talk to?

Yes! Our customer service is second to none! On weekdays customers can reach us from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (641) 324-2750

All tree guards and grates have a 20 Year Warranty!

Every Premier tree guard and grate is coated with a thick layer of poly-vinyl for protection against all environmental elements. It’s a tremendous value with the added benefit of our Best-In-Industry 20-year limited warranty!
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