Premier Polysteel Product Demos

We hope you find our product demos informative and helpful!

Safe & Stable Picnic Tables!

You will never experience tipping with a Premier Polysteel table! In this short video, our office staff is demonstrating that even if six crazy adults decide to pile on, the Premier Polysteel picnic table is stable enough to hold them all! Because our picnic tables are designed with safety in mind, they will not tip!

While at the NRPA trade show we watched as two people sat down on one side of a competitor’s picnic table. Without the quick thinking and speedy movement of their sales person they would have tipped over. Has something like that ever happened to you? View our complete line of picnic tables.

We Offer a 20 Year Warranty!

We are confident you will be pleased with the quality of Premier Polysteel commercial outdoor furniture.

Demo  of Strength!

3400 pounds of car on top of our 300 pound Champion picnic table! No matter how you look at it, you just can’t beat the durability of Premier Polysteel commercial outdoor furniture! Our Top Priority

No Rusting – Ever!

Premier Polysteel’s maintenance free outdoor bench is completely plastisol (poly-vinyl) coated to protect against rust and wear typical with products that do not have this coating. Even our support structures are coated, something you won’t find anywhere else! Park Benches

Premier Polysteel Tree Grates and Guards

Compliment your landscape design with the beautiful Premier Polysteel Tree Grates and Guards! They are made of steel and fully coated with plastisol (poly-vinyl) in the color of your choice. The UV stable, mildew resistant coating protects the steel from environmental elements. No rusting! Ever! Landscape Amenities

Maintenance Free Receptacles!

Heavy duty receptacles for all locations! Sizes include 22, 32, and 55 gallon.

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