Commercial Champion Supreme Benches
As with all Premier Polysteel products, the steel benches are completely coated with UV stable, mildew resistant plastisol (poly-vinyl) that is compliant with worldwide standards. Even the bench legs have this coating! The 1/8+ inch layer of poly-vinyl is bonded directly to the metal so rust will NEVER be a problem. High wind, rain, sand, salty air, and humid conditions are no match for the products you select from Premier Polysteel. Our process of coating the entire product continues to be a time-tested winner.

With our Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty, commercial Champion Supreme Benches offer a durable and attractive addition to any location. Furthermore, outdoor benches require very little maintenance (no painting!) and are very easy to clean!

Customize your Champion Supreme Bench with a memorial plate and/or lettering. In addition to our commercial Champion Supreme Benches, please browse through all our other styles!
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