Tilt Back Fire Rings


300 square inch cooking area and tilt back type staple anchors.

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The tilt-back commercial fire rings are perfect for campgrounds, parks, resorts, and also your own backyard! Our fire ring has a 300 sq. in. cooking grate that is adjustable to four positions using cool spring handles. The 15″ x 20″ grate is made of 1/2 inch steel rods welded on 1″ centers. The fire ring is 6″ high and made of 3/16 inch thick steel. The dimensions are 31″ x 34″. Furthermore, it includes a reinforcing angled bar across the pit. All commercial fire rings have a non-toxic, heat, and rust-resistant black enamel finish. We also offer a stationary fire ring with larger spade anchors all around.

fire rings

Anchored with Tilt-Back Staples


campground fire ring

Perfect for campgrounds, parks, and resorts.

fire ring

Cooking grate adjusts to four levels.

Additional information

Weight 89 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 34 × 6 in


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