ADA Compliant Fire Ring with Adjustable Cooking Area


300 square inch cooking area. Spade anchors for stationary mounting.

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The ADA compliant fire rings are commercial grade and perfect for campgrounds, parks, resorts, and also your own backyard! Compared with our other fire rings, this version offers a higher profile. Therefore, allowing for an easy reach while using a wheelchair or other mobility device. Our fire ring has a 300 sq. in. cooking grate that is adjustable to four positions using cool spring handles.

The 15″ x 20″ grate is made of 1/2 inch steel rods welded on 1″ centers. The 18″ high fire ring is made of .375″ thick steel. From ground level to the top of the fire ring it measures 27″. In addition, the cooking height adjusts between 19″ and 24″ above ground. The dimensions are 31″ x 34″. Furthermore, it includes a reinforcing angled bar across the pit. Our ADA compliant fire rings have a non-toxic, heat, and rust-resistant black enamel finish. This is a commercial-grade, stationary fire ring that is anchored by large spades.

ADA Compliant Fire Ring

Non-toxic, heat and rust-resistant back enamel finish.

stationary fire ring

Cooking height is 19″ to 24″ above ground.

Additional information

Weight 167 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 18 in


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