4′ Contour Memorial Bench | Direct Bury | Expanded Metal Design


This 4′ Grand Contour style memorial bench has a classic seat design with diamond-shaped openings. The sublimated ink plaque is specially rated for the outdoors and will withstand the weather without rusting. The bench mounts into the ground and is secured with concrete. It features a deep seat and comfortably contoured backrest. The 4′ bench seats approximately two adults.


  • Add an image to be etched into the plaque.
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Honor and remember individuals and groups with a special 4′ in-ground contoured memorial bench that will be a lasting tribute. The Grand Contour style bench is not only a durable addition to your outdoor space but also comfortable and attractive. Perfect for gardens, parks, cemeteries, and just about anywhere you would want a bench. The sublimated ink plaque is specially rated for the outdoors because it will withstand the weather without rusting. The 4″ x 6″ aluminum plate has a brass finish. Your personal message will have a clean and clear look due to this heat-pressed process.

memorial plaque

Sublimated ink plaque has a clean and clear look.


  • The 4″ x 6″ aluminum plate has a brass finish. Your personal message will have a clean and clear look due to this heat-pressed process.
  • The heavy-duty metal seat and in-ground frame design of the contour bench ensure that the bench will remain stable and will not sag in the center.
  • The coated expanded metal seat design features the classic diamond-shaped design. The seat curves gently to form a comfortable backrest.
  • The openings in the seat allow the bench to dry quickly after a rain.
  • A thick layer of UV stable, mold-resistant plastisol coats the entire bench from top to bottom. This coating protects the product from harsh environmental elements.
  • We even coat the direct bury legs! Therefore, moisture won’t penetrate to the steel, so rust won’t form that can weaken the steel.
  • Best of all – we offer an industry-leading 20 Year Warranty!

Our commercial quality in-ground Memorial Bench offers a durable and attractive addition to any location. Furthermore, outdoor benches require very little maintenance (no painting!) and are very easy to clean! The plaque carries a ten-year warranty against fading.

Overall dimensions for the 4′ in-ground contoured memorial bench:  51″ length x 28″ depth.

*Color Disclaimer: Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor. Color samples are therefore available upon request.

cross-section of plastisol coated pipe

Cross-section of a plastisol coated leg. 1/8+ inch of plastisol coating protects the steel from rust and deterioration.

in-ground contoured bench

Front view drawing of the 4′ in-ground contoured bench. Plastisol coated pipe legs are to be mounted in the ground and secured with concrete.

plastisol coated expanded metal

Plastisol coated expanded metal has diamond-shaped openings.

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