4′ Round Picnic Table w/ 3 Seats | Perforated Metal Design


Comfortably seats six adults. Easy walk-through design. Center umbrella hole.

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Our three-seat round picnic table is now available in our best-selling Champion Style! A thick layer of UV stable, mold-resistant plastisol coats the free-standing picnic table from top to bottom. Therefore, the entire picnic table is protected from harsh environmental elements. Furthermore, this coating is also applied to the legs. Because there is no exposed metal, rust is never a problem. Rust weakens the steel and once exposed will deteriorate quickly. We don’t want that to happen. Plus, because it’s all coated metal, there will be no broken or sagging seats and the tabletop is so easy to clean! Because we completely coat the entire product, we are able to offer a 20-year warranty! The tabletop is a full 48 inches across, therefore it has plenty of room for everyone to enjoy.

Picnic Table Features:

three-seat round picnic table with perforated steel surface

Smooth perforated steel surface.

  • Easily clean with a power washer or hose using mild soap, then finish off with a bleach-free disinfectant. Done!
  • Perfect for narrow spaces or up against a wall because it has only three seats. (Does not meet ADA standards)
  • Comfortably seats up to six adults.
  • Walk-through design for easy entry – so no more bruised knees!
  • The free-standing design features a center umbrella hole. See our selection of umbrellas to complete the look you want!
  • Coated perforated steel has openings of approximately 3/8 inch. Therefore, beverages are less likely to tip on the smooth surface.
  • We even coat the legs! Moisture won’t penetrate to the steel, so no rust that can weaken the steel.

All Premier Polysteel furniture is completely coated from top to bottom with a thick layer of UV stable, mold-resistant plastisol that protects the products from harsh environmental elements. This is why we offer a 20-year warranty! Our products are second-to-none in durability and strength and exceed all performance requirements.

However, this picnic table does not meet current ADA standards for accessibility. All freestanding picnic tables are portable. Surface mounting kits are available if you would like to bolt the table to concrete. The square picnic table uses a size Small.

The Champion three-seat round picnic table has a 48-inch x 48-inch top. In addition, the seats are gently curved with the table and have a 10-inch width. The entire picnic table has a 77-inch x 65-inch overall footprint. This picnic table does not meet current ADA standards for accessibility. To view our accessible picnic tables, please click here.*Color Disclaimer: Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor. Color samples are therefore available upon request.



1/8+ inch of plastisol coating protects the steel from rust and deterioration

three seat

Completely coated with UV stable, mold-resistant plastisol

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Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 6 in
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