3-Seat In-line Bench | Surface Mount | Laser Cut Steel Design


This Grand Contour style in-line flat bench has a smooth surface of plastisol coated laser cut steel. The surface mount leg posts bolt down onto a concrete surface. (See the image below.) The comfortably contoured individual seats will seat three people. The picture shows a welded rod bench.

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The in-line 3-seat park bench will be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. The gentle front and back curve of the three seats encourage your guests to stay awhile. The design style is both comfortable and durable. A deep seat surface makes this a very comfortable bench. Furthermore, UV stable, mildew-resistant plastisol (polyvinyl) coats the entire metal bench. The plastisol we use is compliant with worldwide standards. Even the legs have this coating! The 1/8+ inch layer of plastisol is bonded directly to the metal so rust will NEVER be a problem. High wind, rain, sand, salty air, and humid conditions are no match for this outdoor bench. This is because of our process of coating the entire product. This method continues to be a time-tested winner!

plastisol coated laser cut steel

Plastisol-coated laser-cut steel has a smooth, flat surface.


  • The heavy-duty metal seat and frame ensure that the bench will remain stable.
  • The seats are deep for maximum comfort.
  • The sturdy surface mount style leg posts bolt down onto concrete and offer long-lasting support.
  • The coated laser-cut steel design has a smooth, flat surface. The seat curves gently on the front and back for additional comfort.
  • The openings in the seat allow the bench to dry quickly after rain.
  • A thick layer of UV stable, mold-resistant plastisol coats the entire bench from top to bottom. What’s more, this coating protects the product from harsh environmental elements.
  • We even coat the legs! Therefore, moisture won’t penetrate the steel, so rust won’t form, weakening the steel.
  • Best of all – we offer an industry-leading 20 Year Warranty!

Commercial quality Grand Contour in-line benches offer a durable and attractive addition to any location. Furthermore, outdoor benches require very little maintenance (no painting!) and are very easy to clean! Our products are second-to-none in durability and strength and exceed all performance requirements.

Overall dimensions for the 3-seat in-line park bench:  65″ length x 25″ depth. In addition, each individual seat is 19 inches wide and 23 inches deep.

*Color Disclaimer: Actual product colors may vary from the colors shown on your monitor. Color samples are therefore available upon request.

in-line flat bench with bolt-down legs

In-line flat bench with surface mount legs. Plastisol coats the entire bench. The welded rod seat design is pictured.

cross-section of plastisol coated pipe

Cross-section of a plastisol-coated leg. 1/8+ inch of plastisol coating protects the metal from rust and deterioration.

Additional information

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 86 × 11 in

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