tree protection


Offering tree protection with PVC-coated metal Tree Guards and Tree Grates. Create a beautiful landscape design with beautiful Premier Polysteel durable protective products. Unique in quality and strength, these guards and grates are a perfect complement to any landscape design. Tree grates and tree guards are made of durable steel and are 100% coated with plastisol (PVC) in one of twelve standard color offerings.

Our 1/8+ inch thick coating of PVC is cured under intense heat and provides an exceptionally strong surface. The thick coating of PVC offers greater wear resistance over the life of the product. Rust and corrosion are never an issue!


tree protection


tree protection

Guards and Grates for Tree Protection

tree gratesThe two-piece, easy-assembly design of our Premier Polysteel tree grates protects and prevents soil from compressing around the base of your tree, while letting in necessary moisture. Grates are available in a 44″ x 44″ standard size. Custom sizes are available upon request.

The attractive Premier Polysteel tree guard protects the youngest of trees from environmental dangers common to urban walkways, and provides a uniform look to any landscape design. We offer twelve standard colors and custom colors are available. The standard tree guard is 36″ high and 18″ diameter.


tree protection

*Color Disclaimer: Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor, therefore color samples are available upon request. Click here to contact us.

For more information about Premier Polysteel’s PVC coated tree grates and guards, click here to contact us. Specifications  Part Numbers