4′ Round Smooth-Top Picnic Table | Single Pedestal | Expanded Metal Seats


Comfortably seats eight adults. Umbrella hole not available because of the center post.

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This single pedestal in-ground picnic table has a smooth tabletop. What’s more, it’s our newest style and the #1 choice for our customers! A heavy-duty center post sturdily supports the tabletop and seats. Furthermore, a thick layer of UV stable, mold-resistant plastisol completely coats the entire product. This coating protects it from harsh environmental elements. We even

plastisol coated round picnic table

Smooth tabletop surface and expanded metal seats

coat the center post! Because there is no exposed metal, rust is never a problem. Rust weakens the steel and shortens the life of the product. For this reason, all our products are completely coated with UV stable, mold-resistant plastisol.  This is why we offer a 20-year warranty!


  • Comfortably seats eight adults
  • The smooth tabletop is perfect for dining, working on your laptop, and playing games!
  • The entire picnic table has a plastisol coating – even the legs! Never needs painting and it won’t rust!
  • Easily cleaned with a power washer or hose using mild soap, then finish off with a bleach-free disinfectant. Done!
  • A single pedestal mounted in the ground supports the tabletop and seats.
  • The center umbrella hole is not available because of the post.

The Champion in-ground picnic table has a dimension of 48 inches. The expanded metal seats are gently curved with the table and have a 10-inch width with an expanded metal surface. The expanded metal has classic diamond-shaped openings. In addition, the smooth tabletop and seats are all coated with a 1/8+ inch of plastisol. The round picnic table comfortably seats eight adults. The entire picnic table has a 77 inch x77 inch overall footprint. *Color Disclaimer: Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor. Color samples are therefore available upon request.

1/8+ inch of plastisol coating protects the steel from rust and deterioration

in-ground picnic table

In-ground center post

Additional information

Weight330 lbs
Dimensions50 × 60 × 6 in
Legs Color

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Seating Capacity

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